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16. Jun 2017 - Bind9 recursor will be replaced by Unbound

Please ignore a previous announcement to use a DNSSEC enabled local DNS server. We decided to replace Bind9 by Unbound instead of removing it from mailcow: dockerized.

09. Jun 2017 - Bind9 recursor will be REPLACED (UPDATE!)
03. May 2017 - Reverse proxy users: Update your settings!

There were slight changes to the reverse proxy configuration. So if you use such a setup in front of mailcow: dockerized, you should update your configuration after pulling the latest changes from Git.

01. May 2017 - Please use mailcow: dockerized

Until changes and improvements made to mailcow: dockerized are merged to the non-dockerized mailcow, it is recommended to use mailcow: dockerized.

Please excuse the huge delay, my time is very limited and development is primarily done in my free time.

29. Dec 2016 - mailcow: dockerized

11 containers and 4 volumes combine to a Docker conform mailcow installation.

mailcow: dockerized will be a rolling release in the master branch @ GitHub. There will be a dev branch soon, which should not be used.

Learn more about mailcow: dockerized below, please visit us on IRC @ Freenode in #mailcow

Link to GitHub
Link to Docs
24. Sep 2016 - mailcow 0.14 is final

A fresh installation is recommended!

  • WebUI per mailbox: Enforce in- and outbound TLS
    • ! Works best with Postfix >=3.0 (*uses smtp_dsn_filter to turn temp. TLS errors to perm. errors to notify client instantly)
  • WebUI per mailbox: Set black- and whitelist records for spam filter
  • WebUI: Drag and drop Postfix restrictions
  • Switched WebUI to PDO database interface
  • Added some options to /var/www/mail/inc/ (please use to overwrite settings)
  • Multi-language Web UI (English, Portuguese and German)
  • Fixed errors in Web UI
  • Removed backup from Web UI and added "mailcow-backup-mail" script
  • (Hopefully) RFC compliant email addresses
  • Z-Push removed - choose between SOGo (ActiveSync + DAV) and Roundcube
  • Better Sender ACL (find it at "edit mailbox")
  • Fail2ban was removed and should be setup according to your own setup
  • was added to provide a signed certificate (optional)
Link to release
08. Sep 2016 - Forum online (Update 13. May 2017: Forum offline)

Thanks to Brad we now have a Discourse instance online for you to find help installing/configuring mailcow!

We can finally stop using Github as our forum and keep using it for real issues and bugs. :-)

Visit forum
27. Dec 2015 - Hosted mailcow (SOGo + OX App Suite) verfügbar

Für deutschsprachige Kunden bietet Servercow nun eine gehostete mailcow-Instanz an.

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mailcow: dockerized documentation

Please find more information about mailcow: dockerized in the official documentation linked above.

mailcow: dockerized is based on Postfix, Dovecot, Nginx, PHP, MariaDB, Rspamd, Rmilter and more!


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