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News and Infos

โš ๏ธ 2022-10a | Critical stability update โš ๏ธ

Moohoo everyone!

Yesterday (on 25th October 2022) weยดve released the 2022-10 update. This Update here contains a critical error with the spam filtering for several (not many), which ensures that no more emails can go out or come in.

We strongly advise you to update your mailcow installation which is updated with the 2022-10 update!!

๐ŸŒŠ๐Ÿ„ Amoogust Update 2022 - The Nightly Build Switch Update (Revision B) | Changes

Moohoo everyone! A small but important update for or against the current SOGo Sieve/mail sending problems is here! We received countless messages about this and implemented a fix within tis update, which hopefully solves the problem for everyone. For those who are interested: It’s probably related to the IPv6 support introduced in SOGo 5.7.1 and the internal IPv6 connectivity of mailcowยดs Docker containers, which triggered connectivity issues with SOGo. Yeah… however, this bug should be fixed now.

Our new addition: The new mailcow UI (MUH-I) in Bootstrap 5

It took long enough, but here it is finally: The new mailcow UI! Currently it’s still exclusively in the nightly builds because we want to optimize the UI. And that’s where you come in! Because we want to make the UI as user friendly as possible and improve not only the framework but also the usability. So if there was one thing that always bothered you so far, please let us know!

๐ŸŒŠ๐Ÿ„ Amoogust Update 2022 - The Nightly Build Switch Update | Changes

Moohoo everyone! Yeah, a August Update in September… kinda sus if you ask me! This time there are even some changes regarding the Update sources! So stay curious. Let’s start quite gently for the time being: Stable changes (stable branch) OAuth clients and app passwords are now accepted again for Cal/CardDav connections. #4685 by @FreddleSpl0it SOGo has been updated to 5.7.1 (Complete changelog here) receives in mailcow stack container version: mailcow/sogo:1.

โ˜€๏ธ๐Ÿ„ Mooly Update 2022 - Revision A | Changes

Moohoo everyone! We’ve released an short update that improved the API and brings a new version of ClamAV (0.105.1). Note: The update to ClamAV 0.105.1 is recommended by ClamAV as a security update (See ClamAV Update article) Once again summarized what changes: The schema of the domain section of the API has been adjusted and improved. Automatic GitHub actions for building the latest container versions has been set up (currently not used productively).

Welcome to the new mailcow blog!

Happy new day to you! Welcome to the new blog page. Some of you may have already stumbled across the site on Twitter or on Telegram in the last update announcement, but now here again officially! Built with the fast and beautiful Static Site Generator Hugo and the LoveIt Theme, this site can keep up with WordPress and even outperform it. What changes for all blog readers? Well, actually nothing. The only thing that changes is the URL (at least for now) instead of mailcow.