Yes, there have been a few pushes, but enotime to update the website, sorry.

BIG thanks to Radek Tříška for his Czech translation of mailcow!


Important changes

Added on December 21
  • You can now add transport maps in mailcow. Transport service is always “smtp:”. Please see the hints added to mailcow UI.
  • Relayhosts are renamed to sender-dependent transport maps.

  • Watchdog now sends a mail when the ratelimit log table changed (does not send a mail for each triggered ratelimit to prevent hammering)
  • A ratelimit log was added to the UI, hashes are identified by color and can be removed (which resets the limit)
  • We speak Czech!
  • SOGos email reminders are enabled and working (thanks to inverse.ca!)
  • Please check your mysql-mailcow and php-fpm-mailcow logs, when mysql-mailcow fails to start. We added a routine to automatically run mysql_upgrade via API.
  • Quarantine items are now released as they were received, this can be changed in mailcow UI.



Added on December 21

[Web] Fix some language strings
[SOGo] Copy logo from config dir, no need to rebuild image
[Web] Allow to set transport maps, rename relayhosts to sender-dependent transports
[Compose] Fix custom-sogo.js mount
[Compose] Update Postfix and SOGo images
[Postfix] Split SASL passwd maps
[Postfix] create new smtp service to skip sender-dependent SASL map
[Postfix] Hard-bounce on SASL errors
[Postfix] Split sasl passwd maps to not lookup sender_dependent_default_transport_maps auth info when querying for transport_maps
[SOGo] Remove custom colors, there were various broken styles especially for indicators of freebusy states

Added on December 15

[Web] Show ratelimited messages, allow to delete Redis hash to reset status of a bucket
[Rspamd] Use meta exporter to pipe meta data of ratelimited msg to Redis
[Rspamd] Updated values of default ratelimit settings, add info_symbol
[Rspamd] Add ratelimit.lua (to be removed from Dockerfile with next Rspamd release)
[Compose] Update Watchdog, Dovecot, PHP, Rspamd images
[Watchdog] Alert when ratelimit log changed (does NOT send one mail per triggered ratelimit)
[PHP-FPM] Try SQL once, prevent loops (todo: fix view before upgrade)
[Dovecot] Give master user a uid and gid, fixes #2093
[Dovecot] Trim more logs
[Nextcloud] Fix headers (fixes duplicate frame origin header)
[Nextcloud] Use db 10 for Redis cache
[Postfix] Add missing regexp map, fixes #2083
[Git] Add allow_mailcow_local.regexp and dovecot-master.userdb

[Git] Add allow_mailcow_local.regexp and dovecot-master.userdb
[SOGo] Enable EMailAlarms
[SOGo] Use sieve.creds to authenticate against Dovecot and send email reminders
[SOGo] Wait for updated db schema before bootstrapping
[Compose] Additional SOGo mount for future use
[Compose] Update images: Rspamd, PHP, Dovecot, Netfilter, SOGo, DockerAPI
[Dovecot] Split imapsync cron by —
[Dovecot] Add master user to userdb (to be used in SOGo)
[Dovecot] passdb query ignored active attribute in mailbox table
[Dovecot] Increate proc limit and default client limit
[Dovecot] Update Dovecot to 2.3.4, update Pigeonhole to 0.5.4
[Dovecot] Remove UTF-8 attribute
[Dovecot] Fix maildir_gc, build with ldap support
[DockerAPI] Add mysql_upgrade task
[MySQL] Remove deprecated values for future use of MariaDB 10.3
[PHP-FPM] Trigger mysql_upgrade
[PHP-FPM] Add default release format for spam
[Netfilter] Disable aborted login without auth as fail2ban trigger
[Web] Remove a divider
[Web] Small css fixes
[Web] Fix missing string in modal dialog
[Web] Allow to toggle release format of quarantine msgs
[Web] Update lang.nl.php
[Web] Rename configuration menu
[Web] Show warning when configuration disabled quarantine
[Web] Fix init_db, init json when attributes are null
[Web] Do not fail when _sogo_static_view fails to update
[Web] Fix init_db, init json when attributes are null
[Web] Allow actions in quarantine modal, fixes #1991
[Web] Fixes for Source Sans Pro font
[Web] Czech localization
[Web] Edit domain, allow set max mailboxes to 0, fixes #2021
[Web] Fix settings_map_removed, fixes #2018
[Rspamd] Do not apply SOGO_CONTACT for SPF fails and when sending from whitelisted host
[Rspamd] Remove SOGO_CONTACT for header from
[Rspamd] Use boolean for one_shot, fixes #2066
[Rspamd] Add global rcpt blacklist and whitelist
[Rspamd] Globel whitelist/blacklist from via multimap
[Postfix] Important fix for mailbox maps, fixes #2013
[Postfix] Security: Prefer server-side ciphers