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Updated on Foobruary 16, 2019: Moooore!

Important changes

  • Updated on Foobruary 16, 2019: Due to changes in Solr, you should trigger a rescan (not a full reindex!) for all users: docker-compose exec dovecot-mailcow doveadm fts rescan -A
  • Doc updates still outstanding… sorry.
  • The default quarantine template was updated. It now contains links to quick release/delete elements from quarantine. You may want to update your overriding templates.
  • Overquota notifications at 80% and 95% – meta data and text can be set in the UI, please report bugs
  • You can bulk-set some attributes in the mailbox table now.
  • PHP 7.3
  • SASL on port 25 is now disabled
  • Please check your certificates, we switched to acme-tiny.


Added on Foobruary 16

[Web] Changes to user interface (using tabs now)
[Solr] Changes to schema – field types are updated
[Compose] New Solr image
[Rspamd] Lower history nrows
[Assets] Fix Nextcloud site
[ClamAV] Set AlertOLE2Macros to no
Other minor fixes and changes…

[Assets] Add default quota template
[Assets] Nextcloud: add plain listener
[Compose] New images: dockerapi, watchdog, netfilter, acme, dovecot, php, unbound
[Dovecot] Add quota_notify script
[Dovecot] Derive text part in quota/quarantine notification mails from html
[Dovecot] Enable quota notifications
[Dovecot] Extend quarantine template: add score and release/delete buttons – depending on acl
[Dovecot] Some minor changes to quarantine notification script to catch more errors
[Nginx] Add qhandler rewrite
[Nginx] Enable TLSv1.3 (thanks to @Knight1 !)
[PHP-FPM] PHP 7.3, mailparse from Git as long as no releas exists
[Postfix] Disable auth on port 25
Push image base to Alpine 3.9
[Rspamd] Set history lines to 10000
[Web] Add quick actions handler for quarantine, add trigger
[Web] Add quick release/delete functions
[Web] Add quota notification tools
[Web] Add woff2 PT Sans font file
[Web] Allow to mass-change TLS policy and quarantine notifications in /mailbox
[Web] Delete from quarantine and user_acl when deleting mailbox
[Web] Fix minor font issues
[Web] Fix return for unban/ban actions via API
[Web] Lang updates
[Web] Minor alias overview fix
[Web] Minor fixes
[Web] Minor JS changes and fixes
[Web] Move theme header include, fixes #2267
[Web] Remove broken logger examples
[Web] Some PHP fixes (warnings, notices)
[Web] Update bootstrap slider
[Web] Update bootstrap slider javascript
[Web] Update languages
[Web] Use INTL_IDNA_VARIANT_UTS46 in idn_to_ascii (thanks to @Knight1 !)
[Web] Various session fixes