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I really, really miss working on mailcow full time. Only because of all amazing contributors, mailcow is still growing and gaining new features. Thanks!!!

Greetings to!

Important changes

  • Thanks to @mhofer117 we can now add “ALLOW_ADMIN_EMAIL_LOGIN=y” to mailcow.conf to allow an administrator to login as a mailbox user to SOGo!
  • New setups will now use ~/Maildir as default mail path.
  • A spamassassin.conf for Rspamd was missing, so Peer Heinleins SA rules were not enabled – damn! Thanks, Peer!
  • We added a name for mailcows Docker bridge: br-mailcow


[ACME] Allow to skip http verification
[ACME] Set mode 600 for key files
[ACME] Write redis key on non-empty exit code
[ClamAV] Increase watchdog clamd-mailcow thresholds
[Compose] Add named volume sogo-web-vol-1 for static web content
[Compose] Add SKIP_HTTP_VERIFICATION defaulting to n
[Compose] IMPORTANT: Added name for mailcow Docker bridge
[Compose] Update Dovecot, PHP-FPM, Solr, watchdog, Rspamd, ClamAV, SOGo and ACME images
[Config] Add MAILDIR_SUB, “Maildir” for new setups by default
[Dovcot] Cleanup random user maildirs
[Dovecot] Read MAILDIR_SUB for mail_home
[Dovecot] Remove auth cache
[Dovecot] Update Dovecot to v2.3.5.1
[Helper] Do not delete updater for Nextcloud
[Helper] Fix nc script, fixes #2484
[Helper] Remove custom_apps from Nextcloud
[Nextcloud] Always install under subdomain, minor changes to site config and install script
[Nginx] Fix site when ALLOW_ADMIN_EMAIL_LOGIN=y and reverse proxy is used, fixes #2489
[PHP-FPM] Fix SQL upgrade script
[Rspamd] Add missing spamassassin.conf
[Rspamd] Improve spoofing detection
[Rspamd] Update to 1.9 stable repository
[SOGo] Adjust sync parameters, revert if you run into problems!
[SOGo] Remove unnamed volume and rsync web content to named volume
[SOGo] Revert to previous settings
[Solr] Bootstrap cannot be omitted and must occur before mounting the data directory
[Solr] Change default configset before bootstrapping
[Solr] Keep EdgeNGramFilterFactory out of query
[Solr] Make entrypoint executable
[Update] Add MAILDIR_SUB= for updated mailcows
[Update, Config] Set mode 600 for mailcow.conf
[Update] Fix MAILDIR_SUB
[Update] Make the update check in readonly
[Update] Remove obsolete check/replace command
[Watchdog] Check for ACME failures
[Watchdog] Send mail when starting
[Web] Add ACL for unlimited quota (default 0)
[Web] Allow logout with broken session
[Web] Change session timeout handling
[Web] Continue when a check in add_alias fails
[Web, Dovecot] Allow empty/unlimited quota
[Web] Fix class for full mailbox
[Web] Fix js when adding resource
[Web] Fix “null” output in mailbox table when comments are missing
[Web] Fix rejected mails not being quarantized properly if they are tagged
[Web] Fix slow UI by switching QR provider and only generating qr image on demand
[Web] Fix totp qr code, fixes #2490
[Web] Quarantine – Enhanced JS + Show btn fix event binding
[Web] Reload view and memcached when changing a resource
[Web] Show unlimited quota in user view
[Web] Try to set aria hidden to false when a modal opens
[Web] Update bootstrap slider