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BIGGEST THANKS TO ALL CONTRIBUTORS! I think you guys fixed more bugs than I could add… seriously, you guys did a great job, thanks!

Important changes

  • Quota is no more recalculated in a daily cronjob. If you need to recalc the quota, run “docker-compose exec dovecot-mailcow doveadm quota recalc -A”
  • White and blacklists (IP) are read every minute. You don’t need to restart netfilter-mailcow after adding blacklist records anymore, but you will need to wait about a minute for new entries to apply.
  • A lot of scripts are now compatible with Py3, thank you guys!!!


[ACME] acme-tiny with python3 (thanks to @christianbur)
[ACME] Add 0 byte check for cert.pem
[ACME] Allow to skip all names but MAILCOW_HOSTNAME
[ACME] Changed the threshold for certificate renewal
[ACME] Register error when no hostname could be validated
[ClamAV] Increase watchdog clamd-mailcow thresholds
[Compose] Remove oom check for compatibility
[Config] Clarification about mailcow_hostname
[DockerAPI] Python3 (big thanks to @christianbur, again)
[Dovecot] Added domain alias handling to quarantine function; Add recipients row to quarantine overview (thanks to @franz.reiter)
[Dovecot] Auto-generate shared namespace
[Dovecot] (Dirty/Workaround) Fix memory leak when quarantine sender has non-ascii chars in mail address
[Dovecot] Fix processing imapsync custom parameters (big thanks to @hunter-nl)
[Dovecot] Removed nightly quota recalc job (too intensive on larger systems)
[Dovecot] Remove shared namespace
[Dovecot] Revert to previous imapsync cron script
[Dovecot] Set default_vsz_limit = 1024 M
[Dovecot] Trim watchdog logs (thanks to @HorayNarea for fixing this commit)
[Dovecot] Update Dovecot to v2.3.6 and Pigeonhole to v0.5.6
[Dovecot] Update imapsync script to 1.937 and added noreleasecheck parameter
[GitHub Templates] Added funding template (thanks to @ntimo)
[Git] Ignore shared namespace file
[Helper] Update Nextcloud helper – todo: fix upgrade…
[Netfilter] Reworked by @Kraeutergarten – thanks! –
[Nextcloud] Always install under subdomain, minor changes to site config and install script
[Postfix] Do not allow DSN for postscreen
[Rspamd] Add SIEVE_HOST map and skip spoof check for these IPs
[rspamd] Allow to easily use custom rspamd lua plugins
[Rspamd] Auto-generate SIEVE_HOST map and add dnsutils
[Rspamd] Change spoofed mail handling
[Rspamd] Do not apply SPOOFED_UNAUTH on ARC_ALLOW
[Dovecot] Set sieve_redirect_envelope_from to rcpt
[Rspamd] Fix spoofing detection
[Rspamd] Improve spoofing detection
[Rspamd] meta_exporter: return false if not matched
[Rspamd] Much higher scores for DMARC failures
[Rspamd] Set to to_ip to_ip_from rate buckets to 100 / 1s
[Rspamd] Update to 1.9.2, minor entrypoint changes
[Solr] Make entrypoint executable
[Update] Increase docker-compose timeout
[Update] Prefetch images, big thanks to everyone in #2637!
[Watchdog] Change error message for acme-mailcow
[Watchdog] Send mail when starting
[Web] Add function to read F2B data via API
[Web] Add only existing domains in table to the filter and removes additional ajax request (thanks to @Kraeutergarten)
[Web] Allow aliases as send-as
[Web] Allow to rename “alias” to “Alias”
[Web] API reads JSON body, big thanks to @feldsam
[Web] Change session timeout handling
[Rspamd] Add missing spamassassin.conf
[Web] Disable refresh button on reload, re-enable after table init
[Web] Fix class for full mailbox
[Web] Fix null ua in debug.js – fixes #2615
[Web] Fix showing domain with disabled sender check (thanks to @foutrelis)
[Web] Fix some breakpoints
[Web] Form cache for user passwd change modal disabled
[Web] Handle mobileconfig display names with special characters (thanks to @emericklaw)
[Web] Minor fixes
[Web] More minor css fixes
[Web] Show error when connection to redis fails (instead of 5xx)
[Web] Updated php-mime-mail-parser library to 5.1 to fix webui html preview (thanks to @Howaner)
[Web] Various UI fixes
[Web] Write API logs when format is data binary