Please see the updated reverse proxy docs and adjust your site.conf (only if you are not using a reverse proxy!).

An older draft excluded autoconfig from the redirection. Older setups may still have two server blocks at the top of that file. This is obsolete and needs to be changed! This is what it looked like before, it is wrong!

Correct and new: https://mailcow.github.io/mailcow-dockerized-docs/u_e-80_to_443/
Wrong and old: https://github.com/mailcow/mailcow-dockerized-docs/blob/cdf1a436ca904186d78e391bab71f2747af2a1af/docs/u_e-80_to_443.md

Please also update mailcow or at least acme-mailcow (make sure you use at least v1.60).