Mootober Updates

Instead of writing down all commits you can already find on GitHub, we will only mention important changes or fixes dating back from the previous post until today.

  • Rspamd is now available in version 2.0
  • Netfilter will now ban failed Rspamd logins
  • oAuth support has been added (you can now use your mailcow as a oAuth service)
  • The quarantine shows the correlating rspamd symbols – thanks to @friedPotat0
  • It is now possible to download emails in .eml format from Quarantine – thanks to @friedPotat0
  • Dovecot is now rebased on Debian Buster and supports TLS 1.3
  • API docs are available via /api from your mailcow – thanks to @ntimo
  • API – thanks to @ntimo
    • Use proper status codes
    • Return 404 if route is not found
    • Only allow GET on get routes and POST on edit,del,add routes
    • Fixed issue where API session was not invalidated correctly
  • mailcow now returns a 502 status page, to let you know, that mailcow is not ready yet
  • Domain admins that don’t have a domain assigned now get properly deleted – thanks to @flo1212 for the report