The year is slowly coming to its end. We hope you will enjoy the last few weeks of the year.

Instead of writing down all commits you can already find on GitHub, we will only mention important changes or fixes dating back from the previous post until today. This mooonths updates includes:

  • Watchdog now also watches the olefy container
  • The SSL cert used by mailcow can now be split into multiple certs to overcome the 100 domains limit from Let’s Encrypt (docs). Thanks to @mhofer117
  • The WebUi is now translated into Finnish 🇫🇮. Thanks to Mika
  • Rspamd has been updated to version 2.1
  • The MySQL memory usage has been tuned a lot to almost reduce it by 50%, thanks to @Thomas2500
  • SOGo can now be opened by /sogo or /Sogo all of these will redirect the user to /SOGo
  • More images are now based on Debian Buster
  • Translations are now provided using JSON files, thanks to @tinect
  • The preset management for custom Rspamd maps has been improved by @tinect
  • Domain admins are now shown in the domain table, thanks to @heavygale
  • More API docs have been added
  • oAuth has been improved by @mkuron to work better with NextCloud