By the way: We update the code on a regular basis, you do not need to wait until we post these overviews. 🙂

Important changes for all cows

  • Please contact me, if you want to share your spam with mailcow =>
  • We sponsored some changes to SOGo including HTML5 notifications and, as you may have seen, new folder indicator icons
  • We found old Docker unnamed Docker bridges from older mailcow versions on various systems and do now remove them via
  • mailcow speaks Romanian! Thanks to @Razvan0925!
  • Initial HAProxy endpoints via helper-scripts/docker-compose.override.yml.d/HAPROXY/docker-compose.override.yml (WIP)
  • The footer is ROT13 enoded/rotated and parsed via JS

There are many more useful changes, please see the list below. I could not decide between important and less important this time. Many changes are quite useful or simply important bug fixes. So: update time!

A BIG THANK YOU to all supporters! Thank you so much for keeping mailcow alive. 🙂
Another BIG THANK YOU goes out to all contributors!

Changes (please also see the commit history)

[ACME] Add DIRECTORY_URL for custom directory URLs
[ACME] Filter containers by compose project name
[ACME] Fix directory URL
[API] Removed api_blueprint docs and use swagger (#3595)
[Backup] Make delete-days delete only files with mailcow-* in backup location (#3609)
[Backup] Speed up Gziping of backup (#3623)
[ClamAV] Update to 0.102.3
[Clamd] Pass version as ARG
[Compose] Fix dependency loop
[Compose] Images updates, added COMPOSE_PROJECT_NAME to some containers
[Compose] Update Dovecot, add networks to PHP-FPM
[Config] Allow CIDR notation for API_ALLOW_FROM (#3655)
[Config] Check port 25 and use smtp protocol to check postfix certificate. Fixes #3636 (#3637)
[Config] Minor: Move line to correct place
[Config] Remove comment about cidr for api_allow
[DockerAPI] Show queue item content via postcat
[DockerAPI] Update image
[Dovecot] Filter by compose project name, create trusted map for SOGo IP, run DNS check before starting service
[Dovecot] Fix invalid rcpt when no bcc is set, fixes #3576
[Dovecot] Include SOGos IP as trusted
[Dovecot] Increase sieve actions and redirects to 100/101
[Dovecot] Quarantine: add increment of count to prevent infinity loop (#3591)
[Dovecot] Specify Dovecot version in case of errors with new versions
[Dovecot] Update Dovecot
[Feature] Add HAProxy listeners and an example override file
[Git] Add ignore
[Helper] Fix
[Helper] Fix mariadb restore when "all" is selected, thanks to @takigama
[Helper] to check expiry dates
[MySQL] Slightly more resources
[Netfilter] Fix Netfilter image
[Nginx] Mark script executable
[Nginx] Mark script not executable
[PHP-FPM] Add bcmath and GMP
[PHP-FPM] Add pspell
[PHP-FPM] Filter containers by compose project name
[PHP-FPM] Fix missing aspell lib, update Redis lib, fixes #3675
[PHP-FPM] Minor changes to prepare routine
[PHP-FPM] Update image to include CIDR fix via mailcow.conf
[Postfix] Disable SMTPUTF8 in Postfix due Dovecot-LMTP isn’t support it (#3680)
[Postfix] Fix "disallow login": A catch-all will not catch mail for mailboxes with disallowed login
[Postfix] Remove obsolete comment
[Postfix] Remove obsolete setting smtpd_use_tls. (#3548)
[Postfix] Remove smtpd_tls_CAfile, fixes #3589
[Postfix] Set smtp_address_preference to any (#3561)
[Postfix] Test DNS against
[Quarantine] Allow to redirect all quarantine messages to a specific address
[Web] Minor changes to quarantine UI
[Rspamd] Add hint to composite, minor
[Rspamd] Add urlhaus map to rspamd (#3683)
[Rspamd] Change whitelisted senders map from prefilter to score -2050
[Rspamd] Changes to WHITELISTED_FWD_HOST composite handling
[Rspamd] Consistent LOCAL_CONFDIR
[Rspamd] Do not exclude fwd hosts from dmarc checks
[Rspamd] IP WL is no more a prefilter to prevent unsigned mail
[Rspamd] More bulk headers
[Rspamd] More excludes for fwd hosts, minor fix to FORGED_W_BAD_POLICY
[Rspamd] Remove spoofed unauth symbol from mails from whitelisted fwd hosts
[Rspamd] Temporarily disable over-signing, as Cyren does mark those mails as DKIM invalid (blame them, not us)
[SOGo] Disable EAS when SKIP_SOGO=y
[SOGo] Disable autodiscover-json for EAS when disabled
[SOGo] SOGo does no trust self signed or invalid certificates anymore, add temp workaround
[SOGo] Update image
[Update] Allow to skip fetching docker-compose
[Update] Check mulitple IPs
[Update] IMPORTANT: Remove old and unused bridges overlapping with the new bridge name. Important for older setups running updates
[Update] Update with "ours" is not recommended
[WEB] Fixed schema for add/dkim api docs
[WEB] fix undefined elements (#3651)
[Watchdog] Filter containers by compose project name
[Watchdog] Fix a Dovecot error message
[Watchdog] Less aggressive mailq alerting
[Watchdog] Minor change to Dovecot health check
[Watchdog] Send mails with priority 1
[Watchdog] Update compose file, update image
[Watchdog] Watch mail queue (added inexpensive check via "find" instead of adding an API endpoint to dockerapi-mailcow)
[Web] Add PHPMailer to quarantine file
[Web] Add SMTP rcpt to qitems, filter invalid addresses
[Web] Add hint to disallowed login string
[Web] Add hint to disallowed login string
[Web] Add password generator to domain admin and admin modals
[Web] Add sieve template, thanks to @Programmierus
[Web] Add smtp and header from to quarantine items, add more info to qhandler, allow to open qhandler links from qitem details
[Web] Added spam-score api docs (#3608)
[Web] Allow activation of own S/MIME Certificates in iOS configuration profile (#3622)
[Web] Allow mins_interval of max 1 month for sync jobs, fixes #3642
[Web] Allow underscore and hyphen in DKIM selector (#3643)
[Web] Change c_o to varchar 500
[Web] DNS: add link for downloading zonefile (WIP) (#3633)
[Web] Delete log lines containing ratelimit hash key when removing rate limit hashes from db
[Web] Disallow blacklisting of some special networks
[Web] Disallow web UI login, when domain is disabled
[Web] Expand IPv6 addresses for better comparison
[Web] Feature: Allow to view mailq item content via postcat
[Web] Fix PHPMailer, minor style change for quarantine rcpts
[Web] Fix Rspamd not drawing
[Web] Fix a bug that failed to edit Alias by address (#3574)
[Web] Fix duplicating DKIM keys: Duplicated keys were invalid, fixes #3578
[Web] Fix stupid mistake, thanks to @ntimo!
[Web] Fix symbol options encoding in rspamd item view
[Web] Fix transport password form size
[Web] Fix: show success message after quarantine action
[Web] Hide mobileconfig with DAV when SOGo is disabled
[Web] Improve SPF checks
[Web] Many language updates, THANK YOU!
[Web] Merge same notification types
[Web] More secure compose project name check
[Web] ROT13 footer html
[Web] Scroll admin tables
[Web] Shorten and sanitize downloaded file names, fixes too long file names in Firefox
[Web] Show textarea for queue item
[Web] Show transport password when editing a transport
[Web] Some minor changes to Aliases handling (#3572)
[Web] Update API docs
[Web] Update PHPMailer
[Web] Update libs
[Web] Update filename when downloading
[Web] Updated Yubico.php to v2.7 (#3535)
[Web] change autocomplete-behaviour on some forms
[Web] Clean PHP code by removing unused variables (#3646)