It’s been a long time since I wrote other posts than updates.

My daughter was born almost a year ago. My life changed quite a lot, I still don’t feel like I reached my goals and that there is going to be more fantastic changes to come. Thank you guys for contributing to mailcow and enlighten my day – every day.

InterServer started contributing fuzzy hashes to mailcow. If you have a spam trap by hand and feel like sharing, please contact me. Thank you, InterServer; thank you, John.

What could be next?

  • I will try to add hooks to mailcow UI. I want to implement individual hooks that can run after adding a domain, mailbox or other elements. The "push" hook like we already have with Pushover will be moved to that logic. Users will be able to control push hooks, domain admins as well as admins will be able to add hooks to other logics like adding a mailbox, domain or alias etc.

  • I will add a HTTP map to resolve aliases to their final recipients. This way we can finally fix the tag handling for alias recipients and make black/whitelistings more granular.

Please join us on Telegram, if you have ideas to share or just want to hang out. 🙂