Moohoo everyone!

We have released an impromptu bug fix update that fixes a few minor bugs and graphical issues.

These are only minor changes this time, but as the saying goes, "Every little bit helps".

  • We have moved the version footer back to the correct position. Faithful to the motto: Stay were you are!
  • We have improved the release tag handling with the version footer.
  • The backup and restore script now uses Debian Bullseye instead of Buster.
  • We fixed the bug that the spam alias of an alias domain was not deleted.
  • We updated Twig + dependencies to 3.3.8 to close a security hole concerning Twig.

For detailed information please visit: the 2022-03a Release Page.

That’s about it. We hope you are all well and healthy.

See you at the next update!

Stay healthy