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🐥🐄 Febmooary 2024 Update | ClamAV Security Update

2024-02 (Release 15th February 2024)Moohoo Everyone! With Febmooary, further recently released security vulnerabilities in mailcow have been addressed. These are the following security vulnerabilities in the ClamAV service that were fixed with version 1.2.2: CVE-2024-20290: Fixed a possible heap overflow read bug in the OLE2 file parser that could cause a denial-of-service (DoS) condition. CVE-2024-20328: Fixed a possible command injection vulnerability in the “VirusEvent” feature of ClamAV’s ClamD service. In the default configuration, mailcow is not affected by the CVE-2024-20328 vulnerability, as the VirusEvent in the ClamAV configuration is not activated.

🦾6️⃣4️⃣ 🐄 Janmooary 2024 Update | The Multiarch (x86 + ARM64) & Performance Update - Revision E

2024-01e (Release: 08th Februars 2024)Netfilter Enhancements Fixed Isolation Rule for iptables: Addressed an issue regarding the mailcow isolation rule in iptables. Thanks to contributions from @FreddleSpl0it and @tomudding. PR #5700 Relaxed IP Check in NFTables.py: Set a more relaxed IP check in NFTables.py to improve compatibility. Many thanks to @amorfo77 for the contribution. PR #5711 SOGo Fixes Fixed SOGo Crash on Older Kernels: Resolved a SOGo crash occurring on kernels older than 5.

🛷 🐄 Moocember 2023 Update | Netfilter NFTables Support and Banlist Endpoint

2023-12a (Release 29th December 2023)


2023-12 (Release 19th December 2023)

Moo hoo everyone!

We have some new Netfilter features for you before the holidays. In addition, the watchdog can now send notifications via webhooks. To do this, simply configure the variables WATCHDOG_NOTIFY_WEBHOOK and WATCHDOG_NOTIFY_WEBHOOK_BODY in mailcow.conf accordingly.

🏮🐄 Moovember 2023 Update Revision A | Ratelimit Fixes, Domain Wide Footer Fixes

2023-11a (Release 07th December 2023)


2023-11 (Release 21st November 2023)

Moo hoo everyone!

The holiday season is slowly approaching, and here we are with another update at our doorstep.

First things first: It’s advisable to update (especially if using Quarantine) due to a critical security patch.

🎃🐄 Mooctober 2023 Update | Domainwide Footer, cURL Fixes and more - Revision A

2023-10a (Released 12th October 2023)


  • We’ve fixed the wrongly used clamav tag inside the docker-compose.yml. Now you are really using ClamAV 1.0.3 LTS!
  • We’ve removed the restart action from the depends_on section (tied to the unbound healthcheck logic) from the docker-compose.yml. Older Versions of Docker Compose v2 would not be able to start the stack with those settings set. (Please keep your systems up to date!!!!)

2023-10 (Released 12th October 2023)

MooBoo hoo everyone!

It’s spooky season again and we hope you’re all ready to celebrate the Halloween season this year.

However mailcow is also delivering you with some treats (tricks “sold” seperately and not included in this update) regarding the stack.

This time it’s quite huge!

🔥🐄 Hotfix Update September 2023 (SOGo 5.9.0)

2023-09Moohoo everyone! We are back with a tiny mailcow update that solves the problems with macOS 14 (Sonoma) and SOGo. That’s all there is this month. More content will come in early October with update 2023-10. Changelog [SOGo] Update to 5.9.0 The full changelog, including the individual commits, is available on GitHub at any time for those interested: https://github.com/mailcow/mailcow-dockerized/releases/tag/2023-09 As always, a huge thank you to our great mailcow community for your continued support and valuable feedback.

🔒🔑 External Identity Providers for User authentication

Moohoo - Good News, everyone! With the Nightly Branch, it is now possible to use an external Identity Provider as an additional authentication source. mailcow utilizes the OIDC (OpenID Connect) protocol to authenticate only mailbox users. To enable this, we have made some changes to the way authentication works. Let’s talk about what has changed, what we had in mind, and what we plan to add in the future. Of course, we will also show you how to use the new feature.