📘New: The mailcow Docs now also speak German! 📘 - mailcow Docs 2.0 Release Notes

Moohoo everyone! It’s Friday then Then Saturday, Sunday (what?)

We have an exciting news to share with you!

We present you the newly released mailcow: dockerized Docs 2.0!

Not much may have changed at first glance (you would think) but under the hood a lot has changed!

So we present you from today:

  • Multi-language support (English and German are supported and updated by Servercow itself )
  • Light-/Darkmode
  • New organized structure (interesting for contributors)

All in all a remake of the existing docs.

With the possibility to translate the whole document pages we offer the community the possibility to translate the docs into their language.

More detailed information can be found on the documentation page.

Due to the structural changes, we have renamed the previous master branch on GitHub as legacy-1.0 branch and closed all PRs (still existing in the old format).

If you still want to add your changes to the docs you have to use the new docs schema.

P.S.: We are looking forward to your feedback, as there might be some bugs due to the port.