The new Demos are here!

Moohoo everyone!

It´s finally time: Our new mailcow Demos are here and live for you to test!

What does that mean now?

Well, a few of you might be interested to test out our new features located in the nightly builds but don´t have a chance to setup a special tesing environment or simply doesn´t want to.

And that´s where the new nightly demo instance takes place. This one is the newly created demo which features all changes from the nightly builds directly installed from GitHub. Just as the way the original (stable demo) does.

You´re able to reach the demos at:

The logins are the same as known from the classic demo instance:

  • Administrator: admin / moohoo
  • Domain-Administrator: department / moohoo
  • Mailbox: / moohoo

Happy testing (or experimenting) with the new demo instances (especially the nightly feature demo).

Your mailcow team