🐄🐰Moopril 2022 - ClamAV, Rspamd, SOGo Update | Patchnotes

Moohoo everyone!

The April update is here with a bunch of new stuff for your flawless E-Mail Flow.

This month we have 3 component updates (ClamAV, SOGo and Rspamd) and a few minor fixes which are as follows:

Major Changes

  • We have updated SOGo in the mailcow stack to 5.5.1. Besides the SOGo fixes (see here) the mailcow database structure has been tweaked a bit to be ready for the upcoming 5.5.2 update!
    Note: The 5.5.2 update will be part of the 2022-04a update as soon as it is released by inverse (most likely).

  • We have updated Rspamd to 3.2.1. (More detailed patch notes can be found here).

  • The ClamAV components in mailcow now use the official container of ClamAV itself. For this reason there is now another volume (clamd-db-vol-1) in which the signatures of ClamAV are stored during freshclam. This allows us to roll out future ClamAV versions faster and in a more space efficient way. Note: ClamAV still uses version 0.104.2. Version 0.105 will be part of the mailcow as soon as it is released.

Minor Changes

  • Autodiscover is now compatible with App Passwords.
  • The Postmap Access List has been updated to a newer state.
  • New French translations.

Take a look at the full release page of the Update at Github: Click here

We hope you are all safe and sound.

No matter where you are, take care of yourselves.