☀️🐄 Mooly Update 2022 - Revision A | Changes

Moohoo everyone!

We’ve released an short update that improved the API and brings a new version of ClamAV (0.105.1).

Note: The update to ClamAV 0.105.1 is recommended by ClamAV as a security update (See ClamAV Update article)

Once again summarized what changes:

  • The schema of the domain section of the API has been adjusted and improved.
  • Automatic GitHub actions for building the latest container versions has been set up (currently not used productively).
  • The maximum key length of the Web UI has been increased to 1023 bits (previously 255 bits)
  • ClamAV was raised to version 0.105.1.

That’s it. We hope you are all safe and sound.

See you at the next update!

Stay healthy