🌊🐄 Amoogust Update 2022 - The Nightly Build Switch Update (Revision B) | Changes

Moohoo everyone!

A small but important update for or against the current SOGo Sieve/mail sending problems is here!

We received countless messages about this and implemented a fix within tis update, which hopefully solves the problem for everyone.

For those who are interested: It’s probably related to the IPv6 support introduced in SOGo 5.7.1 and the internal IPv6 connectivity of mailcow´s Docker containers, which triggered connectivity issues with SOGo.

Yeah… however, this bug should be fixed now. If not: Don’t be afraid to file an issue on GitHub, that helps us a lot!

Furthermore, the mailcow Ansible role has now been made fully compatible with the new Nightly Switch again.

Thats all for now.

Until then. All the best and stay healthy.

Your mailcow Team