🌰🐄 Mooctober Update 2022 - Translation overhaul + multithreaded backup/restore script update

Moohoo everyone!

We are moving in big steps towards the end of the year and despite the fact that the Bootstrap 5 UI update is still a bit more delayed (thanks for your patience by the way!) here is another small but nice mailcow update for you today.

Stable changes (stable Branch)

  • Fixed the annoying netfilter bug that caused infinite SNAT rules to be created. Thanks to @mnin see PR: #4724
  • The mailcow speaks fluent Chinese now! At the same time, the language files have been updated to comply with ISO 639-1. However, nothing will change for you, as all previous translations will be preserved. Thanks to @tomy0000000 see PR: #4657
  • Redis has been updated to version 7. Thanks to @ethrgeist see PR: #4815
  • Rspamd has been updated to version 3.3.2. Thanks to @DerLinkman see PR: #4816
  • The backup/restore script now supports multithreading. For more information please refer the Docs. Thanks to @DerLinkman see PR: #4806

Nightly changes (Bootstrap 5 Update)

The Nightly updates also include all of the above features. The specific Nightly changes are primarily related to the upcoming Bootstrap 5 update:

  • [NEW] The “Previous page” button of the subpages is now also placed at the top (instead of only at the bottom)
  • [NEW] There is now a " Expand/Collapse all" button in the action dropdowns, which collapses/expands the tables in the respective window (especially interesting for mobile).
  • [CHANGED] The main menu item “E-Mail Configuration” and the item below it (with the same name) have been renamed to avoid duplication of names.
  • [NEW] The position of the mail queue has changed. It is now located in the dropdown below the renamed item “E-Mail” (next to Quarantine).
  • [FIXED] The general behavior of the various tables has been optimized.

The Bootstrap 5 update now has an ETA. We are targeting (at the latest) the 2022-12 update, as some on Twitter had already correctly said practically as a Christmas present. Until then, we are still diligently collecting feedback to further optimize the UI.

Submit Feedbach on GitHub, on Telegram, at the Forum or simply via Mail to info@mailcow.email.

Keep in mind: The mentioned Bootstrap 5 changes only affect the Nightly Builds (for now).

Learn here how you can obtain Nightly Builds too: https://docs.mailcow.email/en/i_u_m/i_u_m_update/#new-get-nightly-updates or use the new Nightly Demo.

More information and the login data for the demo can be found here: https://docs.mailcow.email/#demos

That would be it also so far.

Until then, stay healthy and see ya next update.

Your mailcow Team