Welcome to the new mailcow blog!

Happy new day to you!

Welcome to the new blog page.

Some of you may have already stumbled across the site on Twitter or on Telegram in the last update announcement, but now here again officially!

Built with the fast and beautiful Static Site Generator Hugo and the LoveIt Theme, this site can keep up with WordPress and even outperform it.

What changes for all blog readers? Well, actually nothing. The only thing that changes is the URL (at least for now) instead of mailcow.email now news.mailcow.email, until we know exactly if this will stay like this or if it will become the new mailcow.email page.

Besides the new design the site offers a few more features:

  • Darkmode
  • Multiple languages (English and German)
  • Better overview

The change of the “engine” was worth it, wasn’t it? Not that our old blog site wasn’t nice, don’t get me wrong, but a breath of fresh air is always good (at least most of the time).

So, that’s it so far. I hope you like the new site? We certainly do!

Your mailcow Team