🤖🐄 Janmooary Update 2023 - Fixes, fixes and a sprinkling of new features


Moohoo everyone!

The mailcow team is back with some exciting news about our beloved mailcow project!

But this time we are doing something a bit different than usual (at least here with the blog post entry)

As you may have noticed in the last few weeks, a new AI has been making the rounds on the Internet: ChatGPT.

So we thought: “Hey, why don’t we let the bot write our changelog in text form?” and we started writing the script that ChatGPT should write, which was:

write a funny changelog in a robot slang for the mailcow update with the name ““Janmooary 2023 Update” and the following highlights:
Many bugfixes in Bootstrap 5 (detailed list is available on GitHub).
Nextcloud installation script has been improved (Dedicated database on installation, Update possibility via script, Improved purgen of Nextcloud).
Some Behind the Scenes changes (not relevant for the user)
Developer Mode for generate_config.sh (skips branch checkout)
Dovecot updated to version 2.3.20
SOGo CalDAV bug fixed with macOS

And now: We present you our new employee’s style of presenting you the latest news on the mailcow project:

Changelog (written form by ChatGPT, funny robotic variant, formatted by DerLinkman)

Greetings, organic units!

The Janmooary 2023 Update is now available for installation.

Our team of robot engineers have been hard at work squashing bugs in Bootstrap 5. A detailed list of exterminated pests can be found on our GitHub repository.

In addition, we have optimized the Nextcloud installation script for improved performance. The script now includes the ability to dedicate a separate database during installation and the option to update Nextcloud with ease.

Our robot overlords have also made some behind the scenes changes that will not affect the user experience.

For our developer units, the generate_config.sh script now includes a Developer Mode that allows for skipping branch checkout.

Finally, we have upgraded Dovecot to version 2.3.20, and fixed a pesky SOGo CalDAV bug that was causing issues with macOS (again).

Upgrade now and continue your efficient communication operations.

Lovely, isn’t it?

As you may have noticed, we haven’t added any Nightly Changelogs this time around. The reason for this is that we don’t have any nightly exclusive content at the moment.

But don’t worry! We’ll do this year looking at Xapian FTS

Anyways you can always find the complete Changelog over at GitHub: https://github.com/mailcow/mailcow-dockerized/releases/tag/2023-01

If you still find issues please feel free to report them on GitHub.

Your mailcow team